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  • Jan 06 2022

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    The Buccaneers released Antonio Brown on Thursday, ending a dramatic series of events on and off the field — and rendering his future even more uncertain.   On Wednesday, Brown posted a lengthy defense of his blowup in Sunday’s win over the Jets, alleging that Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians made ...

  • Jan 05 2022

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    A Scottish paper asked readers whether the nation should follow Australia’s lead in locking up people who may be infected with the virus   Scotland’s largest newspaper has floated the idea of creating internment camps to forcibly detain residents who have tested positive for Covid-19 or who are “su...

  • Dec 24 2021

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    By Trimmel Gomes A record number of manatees have died this year, more than a thousand, and conservation groups warn hundreds more will die from starvation and illness, the result of Florida's toxic sewage and polluted waters.At a memorial service today in Port St. John, participants are encouraged ...

  • Dec 22 2021

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    According to the Secret Service, nearly $100 billion in Covid-19 relief payments has been stolen by criminals since the beginning of the pandemic, which has launched a campaign to recover the money.   Almost $100 billion of the $3.5 trillion given out by the US government in programs such as the Pay...

  • Dec 19 2021

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    Former Alaska governor and controversial conservative Sarah Palin fired up a crowd of anti-vaxxers by promising to get a Covid vaccine "over my dead body," a choice of words that has prompted a massive backlash.   Appearing at Turning Point USA's 'AmericaFest 2021' in Phoenix, Arizona, Palin made he...

  • Dec 14 2021

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    A new analysis released from South Africa suggests that two doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine are considerably less effective in battling the Omicron variant than earlier strains.   The study, published by Discovery Health in partnership with the South African Medical Research Council...

  • Dec 08 2021

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    ACCORDING TO NEWLY PUBLISHED INTERNAL DOCUMENTS, Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly signed a “secret” $275 billion deal with Chinese authorities to bypass restrictions on his company’s operations.   Struck in 2016, the massive five-year agreement included a vow from Apple to boost the Chinese economy thr...

  • Dec 08 2021

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    A significant study has found that the share of wealth owned by the world’s super-rich soared during the coronavirus pandemic, while 100 million people sank into extreme poverty. According to the World Inequality Report, released on Tuesday, the top 1% took 38% of all additional wealth accumulated. ...

  • Dec 08 2021

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    By Nadia Ramlagan/PNS- FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Kentucky lawmakers heard from the state's nurses, firefighters, truck drivers, grocery store employees and other essential workers yesterday in the first of two public hearings on distributing essential-worker bonus pay.   Gov. Andy Beshear has said he wants ...

  • Dec 08 2021

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    By Mike Moen/PNS- MINNEAPOLIS -- With forbearance protections ending during this stage of the pandemic, some struggling homeowners are sorting out their mortgage options, prompting fears scammers will take advantage of unsuspecting borrowers.Minnesotans are encouraged to seek out free assistance pro...

  • Dec 07 2021

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    By JustTheFactsMax The first problem with televangelism is the lack of oversight. While a few televangelists may claim that it is a requirement for a Christian to live in poverty, current Pope Francis might disagree. Furthermore, many televangelists have gone too far in the other direction. Their mu...

  • Dec 02 2021

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    By Eric Galatas/PNS According to a new survey, nearly seven in ten Americans say billionaires are not paying their fair share in taxes. Among likely voters, 65% support taxing the ultrarich's stock-market gains. Morris Pearl, board chair of the group Patriotic Millionaires, said raising taxes on the...