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  • Oct 16 2022

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    Eye-catcher in West Hollywood: Kylie Jenner out and about in Los Angeles. WeGoViral entertainment: What's the first word that comes to mind when you look at THIS banging photo of Kylie Jenner (25)? "Creepy" probably not ...   The latest craze in Hollywood: sunglasses that hold as if by magic. But th...

  • Oct 07 2022

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    We've known Megan Fox with dark hair for a long time. After appearances with slightly pink-colored hair, she now wears the trendy "Targaryen Blonde." WeGoViral Entertainment: Game of Thrones" already counts as a cult series for many. Now a new beauty trend has developed from the look of one of the m...

  • Sep 06 2022

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    JTFMax: The rap world has lost a great artist.   Battle rapper Pat Stay was stabbed to death in Halifax, Canada, on Sunday. The Canadian was only 36 years old.   Pat Stay was found with stab wounds and later succumbed to his injuries According to police, the deadly attack happened on Sunday night in...

  • Sep 02 2022

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    The eye-catchers of the newly opened Venice Film Festival: Juliane Moore, Cate Blanchett, and Giorgia Soleri (from left) JTFMax: These three show deep insights   What gondolas are to the lagoon city, VIP flagships are to the film festival! The Venice Film Festival is back! The competition opened on ...

  • Aug 28 2022

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    JTFMax: “We even shared a bed."   She is one of the greats in Hollywood. Because of her, millions of people flock to the cinemas. Cameron Diaz wowed with movies like "Crazy for Mary," "The Damage Girlfriends" and "Super Cute and Super Sexy." On Tuesday, she celebrates her 50th birthday. Her best fri...

  • Aug 25 2022

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    JTFMax: Ex pregnant with baby number 9 – now the 10th child is coming!   A child rarely comes alone – with Nick Cannon (41), they even come in packs of ten. The comedian is highly prolific when it comes to reproduction. Again and again, he announces: A baby is here! As a result, the youngest four ch...

  • Jul 04 2022

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    At the movies: Universal and Illumination's "Minions: The Rise of Gru" is establishing off fireworks at the 4th of July ticket office, projecting a $129.2 million opening over the four-day holiday weekend from 4,400 areas. On a three-day range, the "Despicable Me" innovator wants to earn $109.4 mill...