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  • March 20 2023

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    WeGoViral Crime: A dead body begins to decompose after a day or two. A Georgia woman lived with a corpse under one roof for TWO MONTHS. And that during the months of April to June, when it can get up to 30 degrees warm in the US state of Georgia.   The story behind the baaah message goes like this: ...

  • Jan 27 2023

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    WeGoViral Scam alert: Social media is a fun distraction for some people, and taking a Facebook quiz may seem harmless to pass the time. But are you giving away more information than you think?   How the scam works: A fun quiz pops up on your Facebook or another social media platform. For example, a ...

  • Dec 08 2022

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    WeGoViral Staff: She lived a dazzling life of luxury. But her luxury apartment in sunny Miami (10 000 US dollars rent) Courtney Clenney (26) had to exchange for a prison cell.   The erotic model is accused of stabbing his then-boyfriend Christian Obumseli (†27). According to court documents, the wom...

  • Nov 15 2022

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    Mindy has, among other things, a second eyelid WeGoViral Future: HUMP, CLAW-THUMBS, SECOND EYELID   All day long on a smartphone, computer, or tablet: that leaves a mark. While many people already suffer from cell phone necks, mouse arms, and SMS thumbs, the permanent use of digital technologies cou...

  • Oct 16 2022

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    Eye-catcher in West Hollywood: Kylie Jenner out and about in Los Angeles. WeGoViral entertainment: What's the first word that comes to mind when you look at THIS banging photo of Kylie Jenner (25)? "Creepy" probably not ...   The latest craze in Hollywood: sunglasses that hold as if by magic. But th...

  • Oct 11 2022

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    WeGoViral Staff: Explosive statement about Tom Brady's marriage (45)!   About a week ago, it was announced that the NFL superstar and his wife, Gisele Bundchen (42), were getting divorced. Speculations about why the relationship broke up are mushrooming. Now there's a new one - and it's more than sp...

  • Oct 07 2022

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    We've known Megan Fox with dark hair for a long time. After appearances with slightly pink-colored hair, she now wears the trendy "Targaryen Blonde." WeGoViral Entertainment: Game of Thrones" already counts as a cult series for many. Now a new beauty trend has developed from the look of one of the m...

  • Sep 18 2022

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    WeGoViral Crime: Lucknow (India) - Another heinous act of violence against women in India causes horror: Two sisters (15 and 17) were raped, murdered, and hung from a tree.   Six men were arrested in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday. They lured the girls into a field, sexually abused ...

  • Sep 10 2022

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    JTFMax: He shamelessly exploited young women for his gain.   The FBI has put former porn site owner Michael James Pratt, 40, on its top 10 most wanted criminals list. The New Zealander is accused of sex trafficking, fraud, and coercion. The FBI is looking for Michael James Pratt with this photo Prat...

  • Sep 06 2022

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    JTFMax: The rap world has lost a great artist.   Battle rapper Pat Stay was stabbed to death in Halifax, Canada, on Sunday. The Canadian was only 36 years old.   Pat Stay was found with stab wounds and later succumbed to his injuries According to police, the deadly attack happened on Sunday night in...

  • Sep 03 2022

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    Emotional Photo: Kelly Kay posts a photo of the growing baby's ultrasound of her and her dead boyfriend, Spencer Webb JTFMax: On Instagram, the model Kelly Kay (750,000 followers) posts a photo of herself pregnant with a blackboard and an ultrasound image, looking towards the sky. The plaque reads, ...

  • Sep 03 2022

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    JTFMax: Severe charges against NFL professional Marcus Maye (29)!   The starting safety of the New Orleans Saints was arrested Thursday on suspicion of aggravated assault with a firearm. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office announced that. The incident reportedly occurred Monday in Metairie, Louisi...